Social Media’s Impact on Today’s Business

There has been a great change in Trends in Social Media Business Usage As technology. This dramatic change and progress has been in how we communicate and do business. Ten years ago, few marketers could ever imagine that a social platform like Twitter could become a great marketing tool. Nevertheless, from that time on, many advertising teams have come to stage and provided a chance to learn from unconventional platforms about audience and then think of new marketing efforts based on those findings. The overall prospecting procedure of search is not much different across professionals. Yet, several tactics and websites are more practical in various types of businesses. For instance, while media is used by salespeople to gather information for personal clients, many marketers use media more for another reason. A report is annually made by Social Media Examiner to specify what efforts are used by marketers and businesses alike to develop their social footprint. In the fifth annual report offered in 2013, Examiner gathered information from more than 3,000 respondents. These showed that Business-to-Business (B2B) companies like large firms have a particular social media preference that is directly related to their marketing customs. Platforms for professionals and media that let these companies access great many audiences tend to be preferred to personal platforms, such as Facebook. It also became clear that B2B companies use social media for a particular purpose. Social media has proved to be a useful way to make leads, form partnerships and improve sales. As a result, B2B companies are best in using media platforms such as LinkedIn in comparison to other business models: 86.4% compared to only 56.9% respectively. We hardly ever are surprised to hear that LinkedIn is preferred considering the underlying aim of the website. What is surprising is the tendency to make YouTube a more dominant platform as well as blogging. At present, 63% of B2B are active in blogs or similar media. Yet, a truly relevant finding as reported is that no matter what the social platform is, 79% of marketers are actively involved in the incorporation of some sort of social media into their daily procedures, while 62% of those marketers used media for at least 6 hours on a weekly basis. What this also shows is that the awareness of businesses of consumer’s needs and wants is becoming more and more, as they are becoming more productive in the time they spend on media.

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